History Of Clearstow

Clearstow was originally designed for center console boat owners. The large wing curtains were awkward to roll up (rolling any curtain can most likely scratch the curtain) and even harder to stow in the console. Clearstow solved that problem and soon people were using Clearstow for 3 piece backdrops and even full enclosures.

In warmer weather, boat owners like to remove some curtains for better air flow or simply because they don’t want them up. Center console boats, sailboats, and pleasure boats of any kind can use Clearstow to stow curtains on board. Clearstow will handle most size boat curtains and custom size bags can be quoted upon request. Many of our customers have enjoyed the advantages of owning a Clearstow bag and know that this is the best way to protect their investment in clear vinyl curtains.

John’s Canvas

John’s Canvas is a small marine canvas shop owned by brothers Dave and Marty Love. First opened in 1956 by John Moore, it has been the place to go in Carteret County NC for all marine canvas needs. Dave and Marty purchased the shop in 1993 and have enjoyed working in coastal North Carolina ever since. They only work on boat canvas unless local police or fire departments need something done. Their goal has always been: Meeting customer needs with high quality boat canvas at a fair price