Bob is heading to his boat with his curtains safely stowed in his Clearstow bag

I bought one last year to try them out. Was super pleased with how it stored the isenglass. Now spring is coming and I’ll be putting them all back away. The old owner would wrap them in sheets. This is so much better! Thanks for a great product.


Scott from Hillsborough NJ just purchased a Clearstow bag for his wing curtains. Tight lines Scott !!!!!!

We also do custom Clearstow bags like the one we did for Adam!

When one is not enough.

Carl O.

Eastern Boats SISU 22
Thank you Bill for the kind words.

A great time to get a Clearstow boat curtain storage bag is when you purchase new curtains from your local canvas shop.
Thank you Erich for the picture!

I received my Clearstow bag and it works out just perfectly for my Dual Console curtains. Thank you very much.


Sailboats like Clearstow bags too!

Any boat with clear vinyl curtains will enjoy the Clearstow boat curtain storage bag. Check out one of our latest customers on a 37 Axopar

Newest Clearstow customer stowing his curtains right.
Thanks Jeremy for the picture.

We are thrilled with Clearstow! Our 6 panels fit in the two Clearstows perfectly. Here are some pics.


We also do custom Clearstow bags like the one we did for Peter in Baltimore, Maryland

The Clearstow works great for us. We have a 32′ Intrepid with a 3 piece windshield that fits perfect in the bag. For short trailering trips the curtains stay up but when we tow from South Carolina to Florida we put the curtains in the bag for a compact and safe way to store them.

We are getting wings made for each side of the console for cold weather boating and we just ordered a second bag to use for the wings.

The bag works and is constructed very well but the best part is the price…it is over double the cost to get one of these bags made elsewhere.

Thanks again,

For over 20 years and multiple boats ranging from  a custom center console , Albemarle express sport fish, and an antique Rose Bros.  fly bridge cabin cruiser, I have relied upon the craftsmen at Johns Canvas to fill all my canvas and enclosure needs. Dave and Marty pay the utmost attention to detail and  provide lasting quality .

A storage cover they made for me 18 years ago still fits perfectly and has untold years of service  life left. In the past ,the comfort and  benefit of having a full fly bridge enclosure was lessened by the reality of where and how to store it properly when not in use.

Now ,that is no longer an issue since the creation of the “Clearstow Bag”. When underway or in the off season, any time I am able to remove the enclosure from my fly bridge, I have a super convenient way to store the canvas even with minimal storage space on board. In the off season , unused portions are placed into the “ClearStow Bag“  and removed from the boat . They are protected from chafe, scratches, UV, etc. no matter where they are stored my investment is protected.

Thank You Johns Canvas, For the great product !

Chris S., Charleston SC

The Love brothers of John’s Canvas Shop have clearly created an incredible storage system to protect my isinglass investment. So easy to use and eliminates all scratches or scuffing on isinglass when removing and storing. Each isinglass item is sandwiched between a surface protected barrier. Dave and Marty Love replaced all the isinglass and canvas on my Offshore Express early this year. After many repeated removals and reinstallments of my windows and doors, there are no scratches or scuffs with the use of my Clearstow storage bag. All always looks new. Why would you not protect your investment with a Clearstow storage bag?

Burton B.

Good afternoon! […] I just wanted to let you know I love my Clearstow Boat Curtain Storage Bags. They are the perfect solution to storing my curtains.

Michael T.

Great product and exceptional service. They installed a custom curtain package on my Grady White 257 and created a completely dry ride. Highly recommend the Clearstow storage bags as well. Great way to keep your Strataglass from scratching.

James B.

Really a great product Dave! Thanks again

Bob M. | Naples, FL

Purchased a Clearstow bag in January 2020. One of the best purchased I have made for the boat. I live and tow my boat over 200 miles one way. Clearstow not only saves my curtains but makes the boat easier to tow cutting wind resistance. A product that works as advertised. Needed some work also on my curtains where the original curtain builder did not follow my instructions and John’s Canvas came through again.

‎Clinton V.

I wanted to let you know we got our Clearstow bags for the enclosure on our Lindell 36. Everything is a perfect fit, and it makes taking down the enclosure and storing it so much easier. Thanks again.

Eric M.

I had three isinglass windows in my fly bridge enclosure blown out by the big storm last week. My boat was on the hard and I was concerned with protecting my nav equipment from the weather that was headed our way. Marty got me re-stitched right away and then he introduced me to their Clearstow line of bags for conveniently stowing my isinglass windows without having to round up a bunch of towels to keep them from sticking together or getting scratched. Ideal for boaters who take their windows down every time they use their boat!

Chris H.

I wanted to send you a quick note regarding your new “Clearstow” canvas storage bag. The only problem currently is that I already need a second bag for the other boat. I had previous storage solutions to console “wings” and covers but they where cumbersome and required slipping sandwiching layers in between and required flat storage. The new Cleasrstow bags allows me easy transport and later, storage for covers while either on the boat , or at home. It rolls up nicely and stows while on the boat and that is a real improvement. Thanks again, it is a great product.

Andy B.